Random tips to make life a little easier

We thought we’d put together a bunch of life hacks. You may have come across some of these before. They’re all useful!


Luggage alert

Tie a brightly coloured ribbon or piece of cloth on the handle of your suitcase to ensure that you can easily spot it on the conveyor belt at Baggage Claim.

soda can straw

No more floaters

Place your straw through the tab of a soda can to ensure that the fizz doesn’t make your straw float away and fall onto the table.

Say bye-bye to button-up shirt blues

Have trouble ironing your button-up shirts? Just flip your shirts inside-out, when it comes time to ironing the button side.

microwave even heating

Even heating

When heating leftovers in the microwave, leave a circle in the middle for more even heating.

No more leaky garbage

Add some newspaper to the bottom of your kitchen bin to absorb the icky juices from leftovers and food waste.

keyboard binder clips

Keyboard helpers

It’s an oldie but a goldie. If the little feet on your keyboard at work have broken or are damaged, use paper binder clips!


Colour code your keys

If you have loads of keys and find yourself constantly fumbling to find the right one, why not use nail polish to paint the tops different colours for quick ID-ing!

Coffee cubes

Tired of your iced coffee, iced cappuccino or iced mocha getting watered down? If it’s something you drink every day, it’s worth preparing coffee ice cubes, in advance. Brew some fresh coffee. Once it’s cool, pour into an ice cube tray. Next time you’re making iced coffee, use these coffee cubes instead of plain ice. Brilliant!


Retrieve teeny lost items…

… By placing a panty hose over the end of a vacuum pipe. The object(s) will stick directly onto the panty hose and won’t get swallowed up by the vacuum. Ladies, this is especially useful if you’ve lost some expensive but small piece of jewellery.

clothes drawer vertical

Clothes in a drawer doesn’t have to mean you’re in the dark

If you’ve got clothes in a drawer, try stacking them vertically, so that you can see them all in one glance.

bread clips wire labellers

Wire organiser

In a concentrated wire cluster, simply put labelled bread clips (‘mouse’, ‘CPU’, ‘lamp’, ‘WiFi router’ etc.) on different wires to save yourself time and trouble in the future, when you need to know quickly which wire is which.

Intelligent icepack

Place a wet sponge in your freezer. When you need to use it as an icepack, take out the frozen sponge and place it in a ziplock bag. Upside? It won’t drip all over you as the water melts!

Makeshift cookbook holder

Use trouser hangers as economical cookbook holders. Place hanger on desired cabinet handle and snap cookbook into place. That’s all!

Business card pictures

If you have too many business cards floating about and want to discard them without having to type out all the information or if you’ve met someone important who’s given you his/her card and you’re scared to lose it, take a picture of the card with your mobile. If you receive lots of cards, you can create a folder on your desktop that you can update every month, by removing useless card pictures and adding useful new ones.

We hope that you find some of the above tips helpful!