Word Fun

Today’s TGI Pick Of The Day brings you names for things you might not have known have names. What does that mean? Read on to find out!

dice - pipsWhat do you call the dots on dice and dominoes?

Pips. The word can also be used to refer to the spots on playing cards.


rain 2


What’s the word for that pleasant, unmistakable smell created when rain hits dry ground?

Petrichor—it’s from the Greek ‘Petra’ (meaning ‘rock’) and ‘ichor’ (which is a word that was used by the Ancient Greeks for the blood-like fluid that ran through the veins of their Gods and Goddesses).


eye - pink cornerWhat about that little pink protuberance found in the inner corner of your eye? What’s that called?



hard time waking up


Did you know that there’s a word for the state of having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed in the morning?

It’s called ‘dysania’.


bad handwriting 1

Another word for illegible handwriting—something that doctors are infamous for?

Griffonage. Griffonage means careless handwriting, a crude or illegible scrawl.


lower case iWhat’s the name for the thing you use to dot a lower case ‘i’ with?

A tittle! A tittle refers to any small stroke or point in writing. Another use of the word ‘tittle’ is to mean a very small part or quantity or a particle, jot or whit, as in “He didn’t care a tittle.”


pizza saver 1

We’ve all seen ’em. That little plastic table-like thing that comes in the middle of a pizza box, when you order in delivery. But, what’s it called?

Well, it has many terms, like ‘box tent’. But, nowadays, most people in the pizza industry refer to it as a ‘pizza saver’. In 1985, Carmela Vitale of New York got a patent for a plastic three-legged stool-like item that would be placed in the middle of a box to help keep the top from drooping into food items like pizzas, cakes and other foods. She called it the ‘package saver’. Somewhere down the line, the term evolved to ‘pizza saver’.